• Entries are open until April 15, 2016 or until 40 spots are sold. All entry money must be remitted in full by April 15, 2016. The entry fee money is broken down as 50% for the buck pick and 50% to the contest. Entry into both is required.
  • Each $12500 entry Guarantees ½ Interest in a live, healthy yearling buck on November 1, 2016.
  • Only 2 Draft Entries per farm may be purchased from Rockstar Whitetails
    • You may buy, sell, trade or partner in any manner you see fit in order to change draft position, add draft picks or sell draft picks from April 18, 2016 until the draft is over on May 6, 2016
    • When a trade or sell is complete the original owner of the draft pick must contact Rockstar Whitetails in writing via letter, email or text, to verify the draft pick position change or sell to another farm for our records.
    • Additional entries purchased from other farms do not count towards the maximum of 2 entries per farm.
  • Entries will be cut, moved, and collected by Nov 1, 2016.
    • All decisions will be made on each buck between individual partners
    • Bucks can be boarded at Rockstar Whitetails for a fee of $1000/year with all-inclusive care other than unusual circumstances such as surgery, which will be discussed prior to action being taken.
    • Bucks can be cut and moved earlier than Nov 1, and can also be collected later than Nov 1, 2016 at the partner’s discretion but, the antlers must be removed by Nov 1, 2016 in order to officially submit a score.
    • Antlers can be left on the animal at the partner’s discretion but, will forfeit the 2016 prize year.
    • Once a buck has been cut, collected or moved, the buck has reached his guaranteed status
  • Payout by the end of 2016.
    • 50% of all draft entry fees will be paid back plus there may be additional giveaways and bonus items available. The other 50% goes to the purchase of the ½ interest in the drafted buck.
    • 50% of the prize money will be eligible in 2016 and 50% is eligible in 2017 as 2yr olds
    • Winners will be based on our weighted point system and not just overall score. *See the scoring table provided.
    • In the event of a tie, widest tip to tip spread will determine the winner
    • The number of winning positions is as follows:
      • 25 entries = 7 winners
      • 30 entries = 8 winners
      • 35 entries = 9 winners
      • 40 entries = 10 winners
  • The availability of a particular Buck at the time of the draft is not guaranteed. In the event of a death or chronic illness after the draft, you will be permitted to choose your next favorite undrafted choice of any 2015 Buck on the farm, regardless of date up to Nov 1, 2016 or when the particular buck has been cut, collected or moved.
  • Dates are subject to change; all draft participants will be notified before any date changes are made.


Rockstar Whitetails is partnering on each buck chosen in the draft. Before decisions are made regarding marketing, collecting semen, selling the buck or buck semen both parties must come to a mutually agreed upon plan.

Each buck will have the opportunity to be drawn as a yearling if desired. Each buck will be evaluated individually to help advise a plan that is in the best interest of both parties. Partnered Semen can be handled in many ways and should be discussed and agreed upon before collecting.

Proceeds from sales of semen, live covers or the buck himself will be split equally.


The rules of the draft and the dates of certain events are subject to change, which will be announced as soon as possible to all participants equally.


In 2013 we launched the first large scale nationally marketed breeding competition. This contest was the launching pad for the many contests and competitions you see today. We felt it was our responsibility to continue bringing new, better ideas to our customers that provide tremendous amounts of fun and opportunity. Using customer input and lots of planning we tried to bring something to the table that is not only unique but also extremely rewarding.

In order to improve on where we started we decided we needed to shorten the time it takes to provide winners. We also feel it is extremely important to make sure everyone ends up with a legitimate entry and chance to win. This Buck Draft insures that everyone has a chance and will have an entry when its time to decide a winner and we get there without wishing away our lives for next year. This is the only contest or competition where the winners are paid in less than a year from the start and where every entry will be assured a tangible asset at the same time.