• What do I get when I enter?

  • Guaranteed 1/2 Interest in a live 1yr buck.
  • What if both my draft picks die?

  • You will re-pick on August 2 (after all 2nd choice picks aer returned to the pool) based on the order all re-picks were originally drafted
  • Can I take him to my facility to breed?

  • Yes!
  • Can I leave him there and if so what does it cost?

  • Yes! It costs nothing while the buck is in his eligible buck draft years.
  • Will you market my buck?

  • Yes, but that is a mutual desicion we will make together.
  • When do we get paid?

  • We are scheduled to have the winners banquet Sept 23, 2017 provided no unforseen issues with the draft bucks arise.
  • Is it really this low risk?

  • Yes! That was designed to be a fun and exciting event, not a risky one. Everyone can't win, but it's hard to lose.


  • Is there an additional cost to enter the TX Division?

  • No, the option for this division is included with all Buck Draft entries.
  • How do I enter the Texas Division?

  • By selecting one of the 16 eligible bucks as your final entry into the Buck Draft on August 1.
  • Do I have to pick a Texas Division buck for both of my draft picks to be eligible?

  • No, you could even trade for an eligible buck with another contestant.
  • What can I win?

  • In addition to the normal $250,000 prize pool this division has an additional $25,000 to be paid out over the yearling and 2yr old contest, see the payout schedule on this sheet.
  • Can I win in the TX division and the normal Buck Draft Division?

  • Absolutely! TX Division bucks are eligible for the same prizes as every buck in the draft as well as the added money.
  • Does my buck have to be in the Top 10 Overall to win the TX Division money?

  • No, the TX Division bucks only compete against the TX Division Bucks for the added $25,000.
  • Can I take my Buck home with me?

  • Yes! Once the bucks are scored you have the option to take your buck to your pens and breed him!


Eligible Bucks *indicates TC-1

Name DNA Short Pedigree
6120 224042 Big John/Ace in the Hole's Dam
6122 224044 Big John/Ace in the Hole's Dam
6100 223956 Big John/Ace in the Hole's Dam
6226 223466 Big Stitch/Loopy/Pedro's Dam
6226 223466 Big Stitch/Loopy/Pedro's Dam
6284 226088 Big Stitch/Meanie Mouse (Mighty Fine's Womb)
6286 226089 Big Stitch/Y32/Big Boy/Big Time
6216 221321 Bozz/Elroy/B536/Argento's Dam
6218 221322 Bozz/Mucho Dinero/Vendetta's Gdam
6220 221323 Bozz/Elroy/B536 (YG4082 & Henry's Dam)
6188 224067 Crazy Train/Womb to Hangman's Dam
6288 228748 Crazy Train/Revolver/Big Boy/Big Boy
6236 221331 Poseidon/PB/Big Boy/Mighty Fine's Dam
6278 221344 Poseidon/Leverage/Airbus/Womb to Big John's Dam
6280 221345 Poseidon/Leverage/Airbus/Womb to Big John's Dam
6248 221336 Shredder/B536/Shredder's Dam