Like the rest of this draft we wanted to improve upon things we have learned from the past. We wanted a system that rewarded bucks for the things we deem most important while not allowing a buck to separate himself from others solely based on gross score. This system allows not only the overall score but all the features that make a true breeder buck great to be recognized. The buck getting closest to 100 points wins. We feel the buck with the highest average point score when factoring in all of these important individual features is more likely to be the most desirable buck and may not necessarily just have the most inches. This draft is designed to bring Breeder bucks to the market, not just high scoring bucks.

Weighted Scoring System Weighted Scoring System
Example Scorecard Example Scorecard

Cutoff, collect and score deadlines - Nov 1st, 2017 and 2018.

Scoring and awards banquet will take place before MLD season starts and after the last day to release bucks in TX. In the event of sickness or other issues deemed to put the draft choices at risk then scoring will take place as timely as possible and awards banquet will take place in January 2018. Buck Draft 2016 & 2017 Winners banquet will be held at the same time and venue.


Aside from an opportunity to own your own real breeder buck the draft payday is one of the most exciting aspects of the draft. While we agree the overall winner should definitely win, we want to reward more people for making wise decisions and allow them to also be recognized for their exceptional bucks. This draft can potentially have up to 20 different bucks putting cash in their owner’s pocket. When you factor in the maximum of 40 entries you quickly realize your chances of having a payday are much higher than in any other deer competition out there!


1st place $31,500
2nd place $13,500
3rd place $10,500
4th place $9,500
5th place $8,500
6th place $7,500
7th place $6,500
8th place $5,500