How To Play


  • Study the bucks and the participating breeders and try and pick the order the bucks will be drafted in.

  • Correctly match the most bucks to their actual draft spots and WIN!!

How To Win

  • Each draft pick you correctly match = 1 point

  • 70 picks means 70 chances to score more points

  • The top 10 point totals win!


**2017 buck draft participants, employees and family are eligible to play however they will start with a -1 penalty.**

**Any awarded deer have the option to stay on the Rockstar Farm.**

Tie Breakers

  • If there is a tie, the winner will be who has the most correct points in slots 1-10, then 11-21, etc. If a tie remains, the winner will be chosen by a raffle.

Grand Prizes

If you guess draft picks 1-20 in exact order

  • Win your choice of womb sister to any Buck Draft Bucks

If you guess draft picks 1-10 in exact order

  • Win your choice of 2 fawns
    • P6099 - DNA# 226059 - TC-1 & TAHC Year 1
      Voodoo's Magic/Kingpin/Maxbo/Twelve Jr/W84 (Womb to Apocalypse Dam)

    • P6043 - DNA# 218033 - TC-1 & TAHC Year 1
      VM/Satisfaction/Sudden Impact/Reno's Dam

Guaranteed Prizes

Winners 1-5 get their choice pick of prize group 1

  • 2 bred doe
    • P5131 - DNA# 209796 - TC-1 & TAHC Year 1
      Blood Tested - Guaranteed AI to Battle Stitch
      Battle Stitch/Max Dream/XL/Triple Bypass Dam

    • P5191 - DNA# 204384 - CWD Certified
      High Jumper over Wreckless - 2016 Buck Draft (GXL/Easy Does it/y32/Elroy's Dam)
      Voodoo's Child/B536/Premier's Dam

  • 10 straws of embryos
    These embryos are made and in the tank now!!
    • P6021 DNA:223996 Sire:Big Stitch
      Big Stitch/GXL/Shadow/Y32

    • P6161 DNA:224057 Sire:Big Stitch
      Big Stitch/B3046/Big Boy/Big Boy

    • P6127 DNA:224047 Sire:Big Stitch
      Big Stitch/Henry/B536/945 (Argento's Dam)

    • P6033 DNA:218030 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/Big Stitch/XL/Reno's Sis

    • P6095 DNA:223971 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/Big Stitch/Free Agent/Big John/Meanie Mouse

    • P6073 DNA:218044 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/BS/XL/Wilma (Lost Control's Dam)

    • P6053 DNA:224014 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/GXL/Big Boy/Big Boy (High Tensile's Sis)

    • P6117 DNA:224040 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/Relapse/Free Agent/Elroy's Dam (Fallouts Sis)

    • P6031 DNA:224004 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/Big Stitch/Free Agent/Elroy's Dam (Fallout's Sis)

    • P6089 DNA:224031 Sire:Voodoo's Magic
      VM/Universal Express/GXL/Big John (Aftermath's Sis)

Winners 6-10 get their choice pick from prize group 2

  • 1 straw voodoos magic

  • 1 straw big stitch

  • 1 straw Battle Stitch

  • 1 straw Relapse

  • 3 straw package - choice of 2016 and 2017 buck draft bucks
    (1 straw per buck, 70 bucks to choose from)